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KAMAZ trucks stand for performance and reliability providing optimum fuel consumption and low operational cost. Various models specified are for tough conditions and also meant for speed operations.

  • High powered KAMAZ and Cummins engines provide optimum fuel consumption solutions and assure longer life span.
  • Modern KAMAZ and Meritor axles make our vehicles more robust and durable.
  • ZF gearbox is more reliable and hassle free.
  • Reinforced bogie suspension sustains higher loads under tough operating conditions.
  • Double long members make the chassis frame stronger and rugged.
  • Huck bolts used on critical frame components for enhanced load carrying capacity.
  • Wabco ABS adds better control for safer braking.
  • Setco clutch with ceramic coating improves lifecycle of clutch plates and reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Fleetguard modern air intake system enhances life of the air filter elements and results in durability of the engine.
  • Modern sleeper cabin offers better comfort.
  • Square fuel tank gives more fuel storage capacity.

KAMAZ trucks are synonymous with reliability and innovation. Our truck’s excellent performance, low operating cost, efficient service and safe and comfortable conditions for drivers, make them the first preference for the customers. KAMAZ trucks fully meet the needs of construction industry and increase the profitability for the customers.