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  • August 2014

    KAMAZ has become the first automotive company In Russia to secure the state financial support at a time of a prolonged downturn on the automotive market.
    KAMAZ Inc. is running large-scale 7-year investment program of INR 11500 Crores (2013-2020) aimed towards release of new models, modernization and increased efficiency.
    Russian Govt. will provide KAMAZ Inc. with state guarantees worth INR 6000 Crores for this investment program.
  • May 2014

    KAMAZ Motors organized an informal meeting in the financial capital of India – Mumbai to get together with financiers, partners and potential clients for mutual business growth.
  • April 2014

    KAMAZ Motors launched two of its most fuel efficient models in the Tipper category – KAMAZ 2523 (25T GVW Tipper) and KAMAZ 3123 (31T GVW Tipper).

    KAMAZ Motors conducted a party in Bangalore with its clients, financiers and stakeholders introducing new models, new vision and new solutions for mutual prosperity.

  • March 2014

    KAMAZ in India renamed as KAMAZ Motors Limited after the takeover of 100% shares of Vectra group by KAMAZ Inc. w.e.f March 2014.

    Even with the slowdown in the market, KAMAZ Motors reported a sales growth of 8% in 2013-14

    On a record high, KAMAZ Motors clocked in 90% up time availability for all the vehicles in 2013-14

  • Dec 2013

    Kamaz Inc., Russia becomes 100% shareholder of its venture in India.

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